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Your Space

Your Space is a new three-level course with a positive and practical approach to learning English. The course presents language step by step through stimulating contexts, follows up with language analysis and then gives students the ‘space’ to personalise that language and describe their own world. It creates an interface between the familiar world of pre- to early teens and the exciting and challenging experiences of the wider world.

Key Features:

  • A clear unit structure and well-signposted pages enable easy navigation and make it possible to teach off the page
  • Language is taught through engaging contexts, with a balance between inductive and deductive presentation and includes revision at the start of each new level
  • Vocabulary is brought to life through illustrated ‘Your words’ sections informed by the Cambridge English Corpus 
  • 'Get it right!’ sections informed by the Cambridge Learner Corpus help students tackle problem areas common to learners of their level
  • A focus on skills development, learner strategies and functional language encourages learner autonomy and effective oral and written communication

Authors: Martyn Hobbs and Julia Starr Keddle

False Beginner to Pre- Intermediate
Your Space