Listening practice

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These worksheets give students tips and exercises to improve their listening skills, and also to practise exam-type activities in the autonomous communities where students have to sit a listening exam as part of the PAU.
Intermediate,  Upper Intermediate,  15-30 min,  Activities,  Audios,  Listening,  Exam Practice,  Cambridge resource
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Speaking practice
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Three different types of speaking worksheets provide invaluable practice in this skill. These worksheets include information gap activities, debate and discussion material, and photos to discuss. Some of the tasks follow the format of the Cambridge English: First (FCE) exam.
Intermediate, Upper Intermediate, 15-30 min, Activities, Audios, Speaking, Listening, Cambridge resource
Sentence Transformation exercises
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These worksheets tackle the difficult task of rewriting sentences which is often assessed in the PAU exams. The grammar in these worksheets is based on the Bachillerato syllabus.
Intermediate, Upper Intermediate, 15-30 min, Activities, Vocabulary, Exam Practice, Cambridge resource
Peace Education
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Peace education is a natural tool to prevent conflict and to promote social, economic, and political justice amongst a nation’s youngest citizens. It can be integrated seamlessly throughout the curriculum as a learning process, equipping young children and adolescents with conflict resolution skills, respect for human diversity, and awareness of our interconnected world.
Level 3 / 14-15 years old, Level 4 / 15-16 years old, Intermediate, Upper Intermediate, 15-30 min, 30-60 min (Lesson), Activities, Advanced, Videos / Films, Audios, Projects, Grammar, Vocabulary, Reading, Writing, Speaking, Listening, CLIL, Culture, Social Awareness, Pair work, Group work, Whole class
Learning English - Words in the News - Beyonce admits not singing live
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Beyonce comes clean about not singing live at President Obama's inauguration. Words in the News: 1 February 2013
Level 2 / 13-14 years old, Level 3 / 14-15 years old, Level 4 / 15-16 years old, Intermediate, Upper Intermediate, 15-30 min, 30-60 min (Lesson), Online Activities, Activities, Audios, Grammar, Vocabulary, Reading, Speaking, Listening, Culture, Self-study, Whole class